Underground Repair Services

Our customer had lost power to the home

Here you can see we put a red flag where we found the underground wiring had a break just under the front porch.
We were able to replace the wiring under the porch without digging up the whole yard.
This was still a lot of work, but we only replaced the broken section of the underground wiring. Saving cost and not disturbing the rest of the front yard.

Here you can see where the wire was broken at the concrete edge. We had to get under the concrete to repair.

The best repair required cutting the concrete

Here you can see the concrete had been cut and new conduit and wire installed to make a permanant long term repair.

This picture is the completed job when the concrete had curred.

By locating where the broken section of wire was located. We were able to make the necessary repair & only excavate and repair the portion that was required.
This saved the customer money in electrical work plus it did not require major landscaping cost.